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The Pacific Institute


The Pacific Institute® was co-founded by Lou and Diane Tice in 1971 in Seattle, Washington. After a period of rapid growth, in 1980 it expanded beyond the U.S. and Canada. To date they’ve served clients in over 60 countries and 22 languages.

Their educational programs have evolved over the years to leverage new formats and technologies; however their core principles remain the same. They are steadfastly committed to empowering organizations and individuals to free themselves from self-imposed limitations, improve performance, and reach their full potential.

Over the past four decades their work has driven significant transformation, helping to establish infrastructure in post-apartheid South Africa and to foster peaceful discussions in Northern Ireland; empowering the education sector of Guatemala and the Mo tribe of Ghana; guiding Fortune 1000 companies down a path toward better productivity; and leading Olympic athletes to victory.

The Millennium Technology Group LLC’s DESLA division and The Pacific Institue are partnering for another noble cause — driving instructional excellence in every classroom we touch. The Digital Classroom is the here, the now, and the future. There is no way around it. Teachers have in hand technology and instructional tools that were just a dream only a decade ago. In order to use these tools effectively and drive higher student achievement, teachers have to free themselves from self-imposed limiting beliefs about technology that can prevent them from reaching their full potential in the classroom. This collaboration has produced a process specifically designed go address the issue of the integration of technology into the classroom.

Millennium and The Pacific Institute, along with our innovative and progressive K-12 clients, are focused on supporting educator success and thus higher levels of student achievement.



ZeSchool is the long-awaited App to enable the mobile digital classroom. It allows the full use of mobile devices or computers in the classroom for complete and fulfilling learning activities. It gives the teacher full control of the student devices, directing students to learning activities, content, assessments, while continuously monitoring their tasks.

The One

ZeSchool will integrate into any infrastructure you currently have, to enable the mobile classroom, whether it’s a Learning Management System (LMS), a School Information System (SIS) or even your school or district website. All resources are within easy reach:

  • Control the activities students can perform on their devices
  • Display content from any device onto other student devices
  • View and control what each student is working on

Simple Yet Effective

A clean interface carefully tested in dozens of classrooms. The seamless login at school or at home makes the learning mobile and puts the teacher in control of the instruction. ZeSchool can also be used with digital white boards to enhance instruction and collaborative learning. Smart power management to reduce power consumption and intelligent connect allows devices to reconnect automatically without additional sign-ins.

Infrastructure Lite

A daunting task for districts and schools is upgrading hardware, adding more bandwidth, hiring and training more support personnel. Not with ZeSchool. It is designed with schools in mind, consumes little bandwidth, and self-heals when the connectivity is under pressure. The App is available in the digital App Stores, is easy to install, and updates itself automatically.