IT/IT Services

Instructional & Information Technology Services

Innovative Partnership Solutions in K-12 Education

We create a customized solutions to service instructional technology and information technology needs for our school districts and business partners

Our approach to services

Every school district is unique. Every business parner is unique.

All the services we offer are strategic in nature.  Our services are not designed as short-termed higher-cost fixes to issues.  They are designed to address issues strategically and intentionally for long-term success.


Digital Education School Leadership Academy

Strategic solutions in instructional technology and professional development. We take your unique situation and design solutions that work for you.


Education Technology Strategic Solutions

Creative approaches to common technology challenges. There are better ways to do what we currently do.


Enterprise Software Implementation Group

Strategic implementation services of enterprise systems in large school districts.  In this scenario, one-size never fits all. Together we will figure out what works best for you.