IT/IT Services

Instructional Technology / Information Technology Services
Innovative Partnership Solutions in K-12 Education

Our solutions are designed to fulfill the unique Instructional Technology and Information Technology needs of both our school districts and business partners

Our approach to services

Every school district is unique
Every business partner is unique

All the services we offer are strategic in nature.

They are designed to address identified intentionally and with purpose for long-term success.

Services focused on positively impacting the teaching and learning process

  • Staff Augmentation Services
    • Software Integration Teams
    • Teacher Staffing

Learn more about Staff Augmentation

  • Deep Insights Analytics
    • Attendance
    • Grades
    • Assesstments
    • Behavioral

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Creative approaches to technology challenges aimed at reducing cost and Increasing efficiency

  • Strategic Staff Augmentation
    • InfoTech Staff Augmentation
    • Hardware Projects Depoyment Teams

Learn about Strategic Staff Augmentation

  • Cybersecurity
    • PenTesting
    • Compliance
    • Risk Assessments

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