Digital Education School Leadership Academy

Strategic solutions in Instructional technology, professional development and teacher training.


That is perhaps the best word to describe any school districts’ approach to their definition of the digital classroom. Our work is to understand and respect that vision as set by school leadership, and then either directly or through partnerships, devise a services solution that helps the district realize that goal.

Our services include:

  • NStrategic staff aumentation
  • NProject-based curriculum development and project implementation
  • NTeacher technology coaching and mentoring
  • NInstructional technology training
  • NOngoing Professional Development programs 

Your Digital Classroom

Every district has taken the time to define the best digital classroom that their budget can provide.  Our job is to help our partner districts extract the best return on their investment possible.  That means continual professional development to teachers enabling them to deliver powerful instruction their students.

Customized Models

Let’s take a minute to converse about where you are and where you want to be.  We will listen and see how best we can be of value to you.