Classroom Software Integration Services

Integration of classroom-based software solutions

One Size Does Not Fit All

The deployment of classroom-based software across a school district challenge.  Every district has its own processes and idiosyncrasies that make it unique.  Leveraging those processes to the benefit of the project is the key to a successful implementation.  Projects as massive as a Student Information System (SIS) and a Learning Management Systems can be successfully deployed with positive short and long-term effects with the service models we design with benefits to the district and our partner companies.

The Independent Consultant Maze

A new project is starting and consulting resources are needed to implement it.  Companies go to their bank of disconnected consultants to see who is available to be hired and woven somehow into a cohesive team.  There is a better way.  Our solutions change this paradigm.

Degree of Utilization

A district may be able to use 20% of a system’s capacity to get the required job done.  But how much better with how much more efficacy could the jobs be done if 40% or 60% of the system’s tools were utilized?  There is a better way.  Reach out to us.