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Your School’s Performance Data Holds the Answers You Seek

New Service Launching
Fall 2024

Dig Deeper

Beneath the surface, your data tells a bigger story.

We have developed low cost, dynamic, and highly interactive dashboards to address key areas within school districts.

You have the data, and we have the tools that will turn it into high-value graphical representations of content, tailored to the particular needs and characteristics of each school system.

Our dashboard solution will improve your district’s performance, and we will be your partner in helping you achieve your goals.

Discover the real informative power of your data

Turn your data into visually stunning and dynamic dashboards, equipped with insightful, comprehensive information analysis down to  longitudinal data.

Our dashboards address four key areas

Attendance Dashboards

Maximize your SIS by connecting it with our attendance analytics dashboard. Effectively monitor attendance and analyze trends based on various demographics such as district, region, school, etc.  Our system integrates seamlessly with any SIS without technical limitations.

Grade Dashboards

Use your SIS data through our dashboards to monitor student performance. Analyze grade data for trends and patterns. Identify areas for improvement and track student performance over time, informing educational practices and school improvement efforts.

Behavior Dashboards

Maintain comprehensive behavior incident records and analyze trends to support student success. Customize monitoring tools to each school’s culture and automate top N infraction lists. Access historical data easily for informed decision-making and develop personalized behavior improvement programs to enhance student outcomes.

Assessment Dashboards

Leverage our dashboards connected to your SIS to monitor student cohorts. Analyze trends in assessments, attendance, behavior, and grades for timely support adjustments. Make informed decisions and track progress towards academic goals for proactive improvement.